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Fighting against the floods

23 Nov 2012


Ellie Griffiths and rescue team take supplies to stranded horsesWith the horrendous spell of weather experienced this week, and with more rain forecast, large parts of the country are battling against flood conditions. As miserable as these conditions are for us, they are even worse for our four-legged friends, who find themselves either stuck in the confines of their stable or sloshing around in standing water and mud.

The perils of rising water were demonstrated dramatically earlier this year when a group of horses were left stranded in South East Wales. BHS Welfare Officer Ellie Griffiths and the emergency services leapt to the rescue to help the stranded horses, loading hay and feed onto a fire service inflatable boat to sail across floodwater to feed them.

Be sure to check on your horse regularly in these conditions, especially if your field is on a flood plain or has a water course running through it.

If you see a horse in trouble contact us on 02476 840500 and one of our dedicated team of BHS Welfare Officers will do what they can to assist.

Picture: Ellie and rescue team take hay and supplies to stranded horses

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