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HS2 Property Consultation - are you affected?

11 Jan 2013

The deadline is looming for responses to a key Property and Compensation consultation for those affected by High Speed 2 (HS2).

HS2 will be a new high speed rail network designed to increase links between London and the West Midlands (Phase One), as well as the Channel Tunnel, expanding in future to connect Manchester, Leeds and the North with Birmingham, the south of England and Heathrow Airport (Phase Two).

Design and environmental work for Phase One is currently in progress in order to present a hybrid bill to Parliament by the end of 2013, with a view to receiving Royal Assent in 2015. The bill will request that the powers necessary to acquire land and construct and operate the Phase One line between London and the West Midlands are granted.

HS2 wish to identify potential impacts of the route and explore opportunities to reduce or avoid these through consultations and discussions in community and planning forums.

As part of this, a Property and Compensation consultation (London to the West Midlands) (opens in new window) is running until the end of January 2013. If you have a property or business that will be affected by these proposals, you may want to respond.

The consultation closes on 31 January 2013 and asks for your views on the detail of the Government’s proposals, which include:

• A streamlined system of advanced and voluntary purchase to simplify the process for property owners in the safeguarded area and provide greater certainty for those immediately outside it
• A sale and rent back scheme to allow homeowners whose property will need to be demolished to sell their homes but remain living in them as tenants until the properties are required for the railway
• A hardship scheme to help those that need to move during the development of HS2, but are unable to sell their home despite being outside both the safeguarded area and the voluntary purchase zone
• A series of measures designed to provide confidence in properties above tunnels; and
• A framework for working with local authorities, housing associations and affected tenants to agree a joint strategy to replace any social rented housing which is lost.

For more information, visit (opens in new window).

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