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Bridleway reopened through shopping centre

10 June 2013


Castlepoint Manager on bridlewayA bridleway that runs through the Castlepoint Shopping Park in Bournemouth has been formally reopened. The route, which follows the eastern boundary of the 41 acre complex between Yeoman’s Way and Woodbury Avenue, was previously used as a footpath for over ten years.

The route has been surfaced with 32 tonnes of special material by a local contractor in order to make the route safer and more comfortable for riders and their horses. There are also security cameras on the bridleway and daily patrols by staff to ensure that any manure deposited is picked for use in the shopping centre’s landscaping.

General Manager of Castlepoint, Peter Matthews (pictured), had his horse Jim transported from his stable at Stock Farm Equestrian Centre so he could be the first to test ride the route and inspect the new signage.

Peter said: “People are surprised that the bridleway has been frequently been used by riders since the construction of Castlepoint.

“We felt that as we are trying to encourage people to consider using greener transport to come shopping, why not make it more equestrian friendly?” 

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