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Did your family have a War Horse?

21 May 2014

One hundred years on from the start of the First World War, its impact still echoes through nations and communities.

As we remember the people who lived, fought and died in conflict, the animals who served their country can’t be forgotten, either.

More than one million horses and mules were deployed by Britain in the War. They proved essential to allied efforts, both for logistics and on the battlefield, and provided a true backbone to new technology being used for the first time in conflict.

In recognition of the first centenary of World War One, we’re looking for your equine stories of the War for a feature in an upcoming issue of British Horse magazine. Did your family’s or neighbour’s horse serve on the battlefields? Was a non-horsy parent, grandparent or great-grandparent thrown in at the deep end when they had to learn to ride or handle working horses?

However your family, friends or neighbours were connected to their own War Horses, share your stories with us by 15 July by sending them to or by post to the Communications Team.

We’ll be featuring some of your accounts in our September issue of British Horse as we commemorate this landmark anniversary.

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