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A New Home for Lottie?

1 Apr 2014


LottieLottie is a 12.2hh mare aged approximately 18 years and is one of the BHS's remaining rescue ponies out on loan.

For the last three years, Lottie has had a fantastic home where she has nurtured a young family of riders from being beginners to confident riders out hunting.

Lottie is a very special pony and it's therefore with a very sad heart that her current keeper’s children have completely outgrown her. As Lottie really enjoys her work it wouldn’t be in her interest at this time to retire her.

An important consideration is that Lottie prefers to live out with a good shelter as she doesn’t cope well with being stabled. In 2012, Lottie was diagnosed with arthritis in her near fore fetlock area. This requires Lottie to have medication after a long hack or after jumping; she hasn’t shown any sign of lameness and copes very well. The vet has advised that Lottie is fine to continue working.

Lottie has no vices; her only quirk is that she can become strong going cross country and hunting and in these instances is ridden in a pelham bit; on all other occasions Lottie is ridden in a snaffle. She has been transported in a trailer with no problems experienced.

The BHS operates a loan scheme and hence we are looking for a new experienced and knowledgeable home for Lottie. Because horses are social animals we wouldn’t want Lottie to go somewhere where there were no other horses or ponies. Anybody wishing to take Lottie on loan will need to be approved by one of the welfare team members and we will pay regular visits to check on Lottie’s well-being.

If you are interested in loaning Lottie and would like to know more, please get in touch with Emmeline Hannelly at or telephone 02476 840571.

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