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Interested in the Fellowship?

13 Mar 2014

If you're thinking of applying for the prestigious FBHS exam, we have the workshop for you.

Have you ever wished you had a politician’s skills when responding to questions?  A dedicated workshop on 23 April at BHS HQ will focus on improving your answering techniques during the Fellowship exam and in everyday life, helping you turn those difficult questions around to fit with your own experiences! 

Our one-day course is designed to take the potential Fellowship candidate through the step-by-step process that leads to the fellowship exam, whether that's in October 2014 or five years from now, and expel any myths around what's involved. The day is designed to fire your enthusiasm and inspire the self-motivation to lead you on this fascinating journey to your Fellowship and beyond.

For further details please contact the BHS Education Department on 02476 840508, email or apply online. Please supply details of your current qualifications when applying.

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