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Use your vote and have your say in how the BHS is run

17 June 2014

Members of The British Horse Society can now cast their vote for the election of three members to the Board of Trustees.

If you're a founder, gold or silver member and are aged 18 years or above on 16 July 2014, this is a valuable and easy chance to have a say in how the Society is run. 

You can vote online for up to three candidates until 5pm on 9 July. Fill in your surname (as printed on your membership card) and membership number to be presented with the online ballot.

You can also then read biographies online for each candidate.

If you prefer to vote by post, please use the voting paper sent out with of the June issue of British Horse. Any votes received by post after the closing date of 5pm on 9 July will not be counted.

If you have any questions about electronic voting, please contact Mi-Voice between 9am-5:30pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) on 0845 241 4148 or email

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