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British Horse magazine tackles key welfare issue

13 Jan 2014


One of the UK’s most prevalent equine welfare problems has been brought to the fore by the latest issue of British Horse, the membership magazine of The British Horse Society. 

For our cover story, Lee Hackett, Director of Equine Policy, offers a refreshing insight into the crisis affecting our horse population, urging people to face up to the realities of the current situation. With so many unwanted horses roaming Britain, horse lovers are inevitably tempted to try and take matters into their own hands.

However, Lee advises horse owners to think twice before rushing to the ‘rescue’ and suggests that a more pragmatic approach may be necessary.  

“Let’s lose the view that good welfare always means keeping animals alive,” said Lee. “We can’t afford to think like this any longer. Finding a horse a new purpose or new home so we can avoid putting them down really is not always the best solution.

"Humane euthanasia is far from the worst fate that can befall a horse. Just ask any one of The British Horse Society’s 200-plus welfare officers who are constantly on call to help horses suffering and in distress.”  

The British Horse Society is dedicated to ensuring that its members are kept abreast of all the latest welfare developments. To join or see the benefits, visit our Membership section

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