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Sky Lanterns Banned In Another Local Authority

6 Mar 2015


Sky lanternsThe BHS is delighted that yet another Local Authority, Bridgend in Wales, has banned sky (Chinese) lanterns. 

This brings the total number of Local Authorities in Wales to take this action to eight out of a possible 22. 

The lanterns, while seeming attractive flying through the sky at night, cause terrible and often fatal injuries to horses and other animals.  While their intention is to celebrate and bring good luck, they only bring anything but this to farmers, horse owners and land owners.

Jan Roche, Director of BHS Wales, said: “I have continued to steadily lobby my local councillor in Bridgend who has been very helpful as sky lanterns are a particular concern of mine. 

"I was unfortunate enough to find one in my own fields last year – luckily before it was able to cause any harm. I am really pleased to hear Bridgend Council has taken this positive step forward.”

The BHS has received terrible reports of internal and external injuries to horses and other livestock caused by wires from these lanterns. There is no way of controlling where they go and where they land. 

Our advice to horse owners is therefore vigilance. Make sure you check your fields and hedgerows for these lanterns regularly and as part of your daily field management checks.

Please report any incidents or problems with these lanterns to us. We need everyone’s help to build up a true picture of the devastation they can cause.

It is only with this evidence that we can continue to lobby those in power to make changes and see them successfully banned in other Local Authorities throughout the whole of the UK.

However recently or long ago you've been affected, help us to help you - report it now.

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