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General Election 2015 Manifesto for the Horse: The BHS Needs You

17 Feb 2015

As political parties develop their manifestos for the 2015 General Election, this is the precise moment for horse owners and riders to write to their MPs to highlight the importance of policies which support the development of the equestrian sector and protect the health and welfare of all horses in the UK.

Supported by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for The Horse, The British Horse Industry Confederation and the Steering Group of Britain’s Equine Sector Council (of which the BHS is a member) have jointly produced a Manifesto for The Horse. It summarises in three succinct sections the action that these groups and the members they represent are seeking from Parliamentarians.

We know that supporters of The British Horse Society love and value horses and want them to gain the appreciation and recognition they deserve. You already appreciate the very significant impact that the UK’s £7 billion equine industry has on rural economies, trade, sport, jobs, culture, society and health.

By writing to your MP you can help to put horses at the top of the agenda for the 2015 General Election. You can make your MP aware of the issues facing the equine industry and the actions that need to be taken to enhance the health and welfare of one million horses, ponies and donkeys in the UK, increase access to the benefits of riding for all and support equine-related trade and businesses.

Download a template letter you can personalise and send together with a copy of the Manifesto for The Horse to your current MP. You can find their details on

The greater the volume of correspondence your MP receives referencing the Manifesto of The Horse, the higher the priority it will be given. So why not encourage your friends and family to write as well and make sure your MP understands the value our horses bring to the lives of so many individuals?

Lynn Petersen

Lynn Petersen
Chief Executive, The British Horse Society

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