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From the Neck Up

21 May 2015

The BHS is delighted to welcome back Danielle Olding to deliver 'Developing Coaching Skills', a  ‘From the Neck Up’ coaching workshop at Stoneleigh on 23 June 2015.

After the success of Danielle’s previous sell-out courses with the BHS in 2012, 2013 and 2014 we will be once more offering this great opportunity to bring your coaching skills up-to-date.  Learn how to spot different rider motivation patterns, unlock 'unprogressive' riders and learn to adapt to a number of different coaching styles.

Danielle Olding is an experienced business, executive, career and life coach who is CIPD qualified and is also a trainer member of the the Association of NLP and the International Coaching Federation.

She is an NLP Trainer, Master Sports Practitioner and UKCC Level 3 Accredited Coach.

Her professional career encompasses a range of roles within human resources, sales and management Consultancy having worked for several years for a global consultancy practice. Danielle continues to work in business as a coach and consultant to enhance leadership and performance capability. She is a professional coach, trainer and facilitator working with both large corporate and small equestrian businesses to help them improve results and deliver their goals.

She has ridden all her life and remains competitively involved in a range of equestrian sports. In addition to this she works as a sports performance and mental skills coach for an increasing number of non-equestrian sports and squads, coaching both professional and amateur athletes.

This programme is aimed at trainers and instructors who are looking to understand more about the 'coaching' side of rider development. 

Danielle said: “This is the element that moves riders forward in their thinking: attitude and mindset rather than the development of their technical on-horse skills.  It is no secret that riders with the right mindset are more effectively able to access their ridden skills under pressure than those without.

"Many of us have had clients who do not seem to retain information between one week and the next or those who seem to ride well at home only to fall apart in competition. Much of this is to do with what is going on in the riders mind, rather than their body and much of this we can influence as coaches.

"This day is designed to provide instructors and trainers with a deeper understanding of what goes on in a rider’s head that affects their behaviours on horse.  It also looks at creating greater self-awareness in the coach to understand the impact of their own behaviours on the rider.”

Topics include:

  • Understanding what influences the rider's brain (and the coach's)
  • Rider perceptions
  • Psychological filters that affect performance
  • The impact of language on a rider
  • Dealing with negative emotions
  • A range of practical on-horse tools to help manage the effects of negative emotional states.

The day also counts as a CPD for BHS Registered Instructors.

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