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Our Awards

Our annual BHS Awards reward and recognise the amazing achievements of our volunteers, supporters and partners. We are passionate about celebrating the impact that we can make as individuals and a community on horses and the people care for and about them.

Our Awards recognise the achievements an individual, group or organisation has made across the Society. This could be securing new equestrian access, improving equestrian welfare or campaigning for Equestrian Safety.

•    Equine Personality of the Year Award
For the horse or pony that does the most for people.

•    Volunteer of the Year Award
For the volunteer who has made a positive impact on their fellow volunteer and/or a significant achievement for the Society.

•    Access Award
For excellent service by a volunteer (team) or Equestrian Access Group in furtherance of enhanced equestrian access including carriage driving.

•    Access Award
For excellent service by an organisation in furtherance of enhanced equestrian access.

•    Leo Harris Award
For excellent service to affiliated Riding Clubs and Area Liaison.

•    Safety Award
For excellent service by a person, persons, or group in the cause of road safety in their community.

•    Tarquin Award
For excellent service by an organisation, business or business associate in the cause of equestrian safety.

•    Welfare Award
For consistently excellent service in the cause of equine welfare.

•    Instructor Award
For the instructor who has made the greatest difference to their students and the field of equestrian training.

•    Approved Centre
For the centre that has made the greatest difference to their community.

Some achievements that don’t happen every year, but when they do deserve a huge pat on the back. These are recognised these within our exceptional awards:

•    The Lady Elizabeth Kirk Award
For the voluntary dedication of a bridleway.

•    Chairman's Commendation
For exceptional work by a BHS Committee, British Riding Club or Equestrian Access Group.

•    The Elwyn Hartley-Edwards Award
For a writer, broadcaster or publication whose work has been particularly beneficial to the wellbeing of the horse.

•    Fundraising Award
For a superlative effort in raising funds for the Society.

•    Young Person's Award
For a person under 25 years who shows outstanding potential and achievement. 

Some achievements take much longer than a year accomplish, hence our Lifetime Achievement Awards, which celebrate the contributions large and small that together have made a significant difference for horses and people.

•    Award of Merit
Presented to up to three individuals for consistently excellent service to the Society over a period of years.

•    The Bodynfoel Award  
Presented to an individual or group for excellent service in promoting the work of the Society.

•    Helen Barton Smith Silver Stirrup Award
Presented to an individual for meritorious work in support of young riders.

The pinnacle of these awards is our President’s Award, which recognises exceptional service. This rewards those individuals who go over and above all expectations for the BHS, our members and horses.

We want you to help us find the unsung equestrian heroes across the British Isles. Anyone can make a nomination until 18 August 2017.

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