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Our Achievements

Our vision

Our vision of the future is of a world in which the welfare of horses is universally respected and protected, and in which all those who ride, drive or work with horses can do so safely, enjoyably and in a manner which displays the highest degree of personal competence.

This is an ambitious goal, and not one that will be reached overnight, but we believe it is achievable and we continue to make substantial progress towards it. Obviously, with so many factors impacting horse and rider welfare and safety we need to have a multi-faceted approach to our work. In this section you can find out more about the work we do, how it is done, and how you can get involved.

Our volunteers

We couldn’t do the things we do without the dedication and hard work of our volunteers.

Our Safety Officers strive to achieve safer conditions for all equines and those involved in their care and use, our Access and Bridleways Officers work tirelessly to defend, extend and promote safe, easily accessible off-road riding for everyone, and our team of volunteer Welfare Officers investigate reported welfare concerns and act as an advice point for all horse owners, thereby improving the lives of thousands of horses.

Find out more about becoming a volunteer.

Our campaigns

As the UK’s largest equestrian charity we represent the equestrian community on a vast range of issues affecting horses and riders.

Our campaigns cover all aspects of horse welfare and activity, and we operate at all social and administrative levels – from lobbying government departments on key issues to assisting in small-scale, local projects.

As well as progressing our own initiatives as part of our work to protect and improve access, we also work together with a number of equine groups, known as Affiliated Bridleways Groups and Rider Access Groups, around the country. You can find out more about the work of these organisations, and how to affiliate your own group to The British Horse Society, in this section.

We also work to improve equine welfare through our ‘Think Before You Breed’ campaign, which aims to reduce the number of equines requiring rescue by discouraging indiscriminate breeding, and raising awareness of the disease and health issues that can impact equines.

In addition, we are always working to prevent horses from becoming welfare cases through the education and support of owners and riders.

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