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Corporate Information

We are governed by our Constitution, under which the Board of Trustees is legally responsible for every decision relating to the affairs of The British Horse Society, although it has the power to delegate some of its responsibilities.

We have national, regional and county committees to deliver our objectives at a local level and to provide a link between members around the country and The British Horse Society headquarters.

Our operational framework and byelaws set out how committees are made up and how they should operate.

We have a number of policies on equestrian issues - see how they may affect you here.

To provide interested parties with information about how successful, important and powerful the equestrian community is, we have collated a number of interesting statistics about horses, riders and equestrian sport.

We are committed to celebrating excellence in equestrianism. The British Horse Society Equestrian Hall of Fame celebrates the heroes and heroines – human and equine – of the equestrian world.

But of course the horse world also has many unsung heroes – we all know someone who has gone the extra mile for road safety, inspired young riders or worked tirelessly for equine welfare. These people are recognised in our wide-ranging awards programme.

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