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Fencing Commons

The Society will object to proposals for the fencing of those commons to which equestrians have access where such proposals do not adequately protect and provide for access for equestrians.

Any permission given for fencing should be time-limited to a maximum of 10 years.

Any bridle gates that are installed should be installed in accordance with the advice set out in the Society’s advisory leaflet on gates and should be tied back or removed when no livestock is present.

Where permission has been granted pursuant to s.38 Commons Act 2006 to fence the perimeter of a common, this should be conditional on no further fencing taking place pursuant to exemptions 1,2,3 of The Works on Common Land (Exemptions) (England) Order 2007 (SI 2007/2587).

BHS Director of Access, Mark Weston, said: “We believe that this policy represents the best for equestrians, whose access to commons may become restricted by fencing.”

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