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Frequently Asked Questions - Membership

I need a membership number to apply for my exam. What should I do?

Your membership number will be provided on completion of the joining process, whether you join online or over the phone.

What if I want to cancel my Direct Debit?

You should notify your bank to cancel your Direct Debit and also the BHS Membership Department. Membership subscriptions run for one year from the date of joining. If you decide to make payment for your membership by monthly Direct Debit, should you cancel the Direct Debit for any reason during the year, you will be required to settle any outstanding balance for the annual subscription via a one-off payment.

What if I pay my membership a little late?

Your membership will lapse and all benefits will cease after a 12-month period beginning from the date you become a member or renew your membership. Your membership will start again on the date you pay your membership. We encourage members to pay by Direct Debit to ensure that your membership doesn’t lapse.

How long until my membership pack arrives?

Some times of the year are busier than others, but as a general rule you should receive your membership card and pack 10-14 days after joining the BHS. Your membership pack will be sent out by second class post or by the appropriate postage if overseas.

What if I have lost my membership card?

The BHS will supply you with a free replacement card. Call us on 02476 840506.

When do I have to pay the adult membership fee?

You will be contacted by the membership department when you have to pay the adult rate. It will be at the first renewal date after your 21st birthday.

How long does the membership last?

It is an annual subscription and is valid from the day of joining.

Can I add a family member to my membership before my renewal is due?

Unfortunately, we are unable to make changes to family membership part way through the your membership year. However, please call our membership team on 02476 840506 to discuss your needs and how to arrange membership for your additional family member.

If I cancel my membership before the end of the year do I get a refund?

The BHS is an annual subscription and as a charity do not give refunds if you decide to cancel part way through the year.

Can I upgrade my membership level during the year?

Yes, please call 02476 840506 and speak to the membership team to discuss the changes you require.

How do I change my Direct Debit details?

You can change your Direct Debit details by calling us on 02476 840506.

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