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Types of Legacy

There are different types of legacies you could leave to help our charitable work, and we strongly advise that you speak to your solicitor to make sure that your wishes will be carried out correctly. 

However, as a guide to some of the commonly used terminology, here are the different types of legacies:

Pecuniary Legacy
A pecuniary gift is a specific sum of money.

Specific Legacy
A specific gift can be something like a house, farm or even a piece of jewellery which the charity can either sell or keep for its investment value. If you are considering this type of gift please do talk to us about this first, so that we clearly understand your ambitions and we are able to successfully deliver them for you.

Residuary Legacy
A residuary gift is the balance of your estate after the deduction of any pecuniary or specific legacies and the payment of any liabilities (including estate administration and inheritance tax). You can leave the whole of your residuary estate to one beneficiary, or you can divide it between a number of beneficiaries in either equal or unequal shares. You can include a charity such as The British Horse Society as a residuary beneficiary.

Leaving a legacy means your passion can live on by improving life for all of the UK's horses. Why not make an initial enquiry?

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