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Meet Patrick...

Patrick and cameraPatrick is a colt foal who was found abandoned in June 2012 at less than a day old. Collected by the RSPCA, he was signed into the care of the BHS, where he continues to thrive.

Through donations from BHS members and the public, the money needed to fund Patrick's care and help prevent more cases like his is raised. He is a confident, friendly character with plenty to say for himself - you can follow him on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with all the latest goings on at his yard, and look out for regular updates in our members' magazine, British Horse. If you'd like to make a donation, just click the JustGiving link on the right.

Patrick tells his own story below and explains why donations to his cause are desperately needed:

"I don't remember much about this because it all happened so quickly but apparently I was dumped by the side of the road in County Durham because my breeder didn't want me. I don't know what I did wrong and I don't know what happened to my mum, I didn't really get time to meet her properly. The vet said I was less than 24 hours old when I was found so you can understand why things are a bit hazy; it was a lot for me to take in in one day.

Patrick drinking milk"The British Horse Society took me in and have been looking after me ever since. It isn't the same as having your real mum but they are doing a pretty good job. The lady in charge says it's a good thing I'm cute because it isn't much fun getting up every two hours through the night to feed me. I don't know what her problem is really, she just gets a bit grumpy. Not as grumpy as the foster mare they tried to get to adopt me though. She tried to bite my ear off.

"Anyway, thanks to the BHS I am still here and doing well so I want to do my bit and try and raise a bit of money to help keep me in milk for the future. There are lots of colt foals like me, abandoned because we aren't worth any money any more. If we can raise enough then the BHS has promised me that the money will go to helping others like me and none of it will be spent on administration (I'm not sure what administration, is to be honest, though; they told me to say that).

"£2 per month will really help and you can get free stuff if you do it through their Helping Horses Membership. If you can do this, then THANK YOU! It means a lot to me and the BHS."

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