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We want a world where every horse is properly protected and cared for. All that we do goes towards improving the lives of equines, and helping riders and owners to get more from their relationships with them. We cannot do this without income and, as a charity, we rely on the kindness of the public and our members to raise the funds vital to our work.

Organising an event is an exciting and rewarding experience that raises awareness and, of course, profits for our cause. Our members have endless imagination and we help them in any way we can.

But you don’t have to have loads of time or boundless energy to help horses. Even just by insuring your horse with SEIB or becoming a member, you can raise money - and every penny counts. The more funds we raise, the more we can improve the lives of equines nationwide.

Changing Lives through Horses

Changing Lives through Horses aims to improve the lives of young people aged 14-16 years who, for various reasons, are disengaged and at risk of becoming excluded. 

Using horses as the inspiration for change, the programme provides an alternative learning environment to mainstream education. The skills developed through the programme meet the requirements of ongoing education and training, employers and participants.

Donate today and help us to change lives.

Riding Out

Help us open, protect, and extend riding and carriage driving routes in your local area. We work throughout the UK to ensure equestrians and horses have access to safe and enjoyable places to ride out.

We need your help to open more routes. The BHS Paths for Communities Fund provides multi-user routes across the UK. With your donations new routes can be developed or restored – meaning more of the great outdoors to enjoy with your equine friends. Contact if you wish to make a claim from this fund or fundraise.

In May, every year we hold Ride Out UK Month to celebrate off-road routes (or highlight the lack of) in your area, engage with the local community and raise money. We've partnered with National Trust and sponsored by Bridleway Equestrian to make the event bigger and better. Find out how you can get involved!

The BHS Access Fighting Fund ensures the Society is in a position to fight to save equestrian routes at public inquiries and in court and ability to take on landowners who are threatening equestrian rights of way.  If you enjoy riding or carriage driving off road please help us with a donation or contact for fundraising ideas. We've just hit 50% of our target, please help us reach our £100,000 target!

Why should I fundraise?

One of the biggest reasons our volunteers fundraise is to take part in our Challenge Rides. The scheme offer rides in nine countries: Bulgaria, Iceland, Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, India, Jordan, Peru, Spain and Lesotho. Our intrepid challengers have organised fundraisers that are nearly as exciting as the rides themselves.

Other reasons we fundraise are to support our Ride for Access campaign, our Strangles Awareness programme and of course our vital welfare work. The list of everything we do is endless so your money goes a long way to improving all aspects of equine life.

How can I help fundraise?

Our website provides many tips and ideas to help you get started so check out those pages to give yourself some inspiration.

Another way you can help us raise funds is by purchasing products from our bookshop. We stock everything from books to official British Dressage test sheets, so you’ll find everything you want while supporting the UK’s largest equestrian charity.

By working together we can continue our mission to improve the lives of horses and their riders across the UK. So take a look through the pages of our website to get inspired and then get fundraising!

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