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The Inca Trail Ride: Diary 2014

Looking for a taste of what our Inca Trail Challenge Ride is really like?

Check out our blog from a group of riders who have come to the BHS for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the Andes on horseback!

This Challenge Ride truly provides a new adventure around almost every corner. With very few foreign visitors, the local people have changed almost nothing of their lifestyle for centuries. The Ride isn't just an important fundraising mission (all proceeds from the ride and riders’ fundraising go BHS Welfare to directly help horses in need) but a way for our Riders to really experience a genuine slice of Peruvian culture.

The trails the riders will be facing through the Andes are narrow, so Challengers need a good head for heights to enjoy this ride. The terrain is often steep and takes them through the mountains to the north of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. This Challenge Ride is not for the fainthearted - but it's a fantastic experience!

Sunday 1 June 2014 

It's the first day of the Challenge Ride here in Peru, and everyone's anticipating the fantastic time ahead and the ride of their lives! Anyone with a base level of outdoor riding ability and confidence can sign up to one of these rides and all proceeds go the BHS to help horses with Welfare needs.

Today is our first day of riding and we’ve arrived in Cusco at Pumamarka. We’re currently 3,800m above sea level and are acclimatising to the altitude - of which any effects are entirely forgotten when you look across the stunning views.

We travelled to the camp this morning to meet our horses and spent time getting to know them before we matched each rider to their companion for this exciting trip – we’re really looking forward to getting to know their personalities more over the coming days!

It's been very interesting so far meeting the local people as well as sampling the food - we even had time to travel up the paths to get a breath-taking view of the Sacred Valley of the Incas where we’ll be heading to ride through later on in the week.

None of the riders on the group have been to this part of the world on horseback or otherwise before so the atmosphere and anticipation of what lies ahead is in the air and is very exciting! 

Wish you were here! 
The BHS Challenge Riders – Peru 2014

Monday 2 June 

Today we headed over to Chinchero which was another beautiful ride – we even managed to follow a trail of Alpacas and Lamas on our journey!

We reached a high point of 4,200m today and with that we were rewarded with some incredible views of Cordillera Urubamba.

Our horses have done nothing but impress us so far – they've been so sure-footed, strong and can climb like mountain goats! We’re feeling very confident and ready for the rest of the journey.

A number of people in the group have commented about the weather – we are British, after all! It’s been so comfortable – a few people were expecting it to be hot but it's been pleasantly cool, making the rides for horse and rider all the more fun and relaxing.

Today we also managed to visit a beautiful picturesque market town at 3,200m above sea level. The views are what have been amazing us all so much, but there's so much more to take in with all of the birds and wildlife around, as well as absolutely stunning flowers.  

Wish you were here! 
The BHS Challenge Riders – Peru 2014

Check back regularly for live updates from the team over the next few days!

Has this blog left you fired up for the ride of a lifetime?

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These challenges really do put the fun in fundraising but as well as enjoying a life-changing trip, all of the riders raise money that is vital in continuing our welfare work.

Without the aid of our dedicated Challengers, our nationwide network of Welfare Officers would not be able to help anywhere near as many horses as they do.

The British Horse Society has over 200 equine specialist welfare officers, more than any other charity, and together they improve the lives of countless horses, ponies and donkeys in every corner of the UK.

So if you want to show your support for British horses, saddle up! We guarantee you won’t regret it when your reward is one of our Challenge Rides - and knowing you have contributed to the welfare of every horse in the UK. See what challenges are coming up and get ready for the ride of your life!

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