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Where to Learn

If you love horses and are looking for something to keep you fit in the great outdoors, horse riding is for you. It is a rewarding and exciting sport that can be enjoyed by all ages. However, finding somewhere to ride, especially for the first time, can be a bit daunting. We can help you find somewhere to learn safely and at your own pace where you can be sure that all necessary standards have been met.

As a charity, the overarching purpose of all that we do is to improve the lives of horses. We want a world where every horse is properly protected and cared for. To further this aim, we have set up our Approved Establishment scheme. Choosing a school that is a member will give you complete peace of mind.

Each of the establishments on our Approved List has been inspected by a highly experienced representative of The British Horse Society, who has looked carefully at the level of instruction available to clients, the on-site facilities and equipment, and the standards of safety, horse care and management.

The scheme includes more than 1,000 riding establishments across the UK, Ireland and worldwide, so wherever you live, there will be somewhere that you can experience riding close at hand.

Choosing a British Horse Society Approved Riding School means that you can be assured that it is safe and well run, so you can just relax, knowing you’re in safe hands and enjoy the ride.

But you can also make sure the riding school suits you by paying a visit. Are the riding areas properly enclosed and safe; are the stables in good condition? Do the horses seem happy and friendly?

What to look for in a riding school:


  • The correct type of horse or pony – the school needs to have a variety of horses to cater for the type of rider they specialise in teaching. For a beginner the horses and ponies need to be steady and experienced
  • Correct equipment – tack should be in good condition and clean
  • Safe riding areas for lessons – properly enclosed with a safe surface and well maintained
  • A friendly atmosphere and good standard of teaching – ask about the qualifications of the instructors and which instructors coach beginner riders.
  • Watching a lesson or two is an excellent guide to the standard of the school. You’ll be able to judge the type of riding school from its general appearance.

Find a place to ride with the BHS.

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