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Accredited Professional Coaches and Grooms

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  • Kathryn Comrie - BHSII, DR

    Kathryn Comrie - BHSII, DR

    Location: Scotland

    Tel: 01506 811351

  • Nikki Herbert - BHSI, UKCC Level 3 Dressage, BE

    Experienced NLP coaching of horse and rider offered. Encouragement to succeed at all levels of eventing and dressage competition to PSG. Preperation to BHSI/PC 'A' Test from PC specialist Instructor, examiner and UKCC assessor. Test rid...

    Location: Northamptonshire - Leicestershire - Bedfordshire - Cambridgeshire - North Lincs - South Lincs

    Tel: 01832 205218 / 07802 624901

  • Tanya Larrigan - UKCC L3, DR

    My aim is to create a happy confident partnership for horse and rider working on the flat. Training offered for all levels, from happy hackers to Grand Prix, including para equestrians. A specialist in groundwork and inhand. Lessons, clinics a...

    Location: North and West Kent - South and East Kent

    Tel: 07974 215211 / 01233 860051

  • Emma Slater BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship, UKCC Level 2

    I am a confidence giving and encouraging instructor getting the best results from both horse and rider, classically trained at two specialist dressage yards.

    Location: Hertfordshire

    Tel: 07702 069526 / 01920 438588

  • Julie Davies-Bennetts BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship, Stage 4 Senior Coach, Stage 4 Care/Management and Stage 4 Flat Ride

    Enthusiastic, inspirational instructor from beginners to BHS exam students. Schoolmaster Advanced dressage horses and jumpers available in my BHS Approved Riding Centre. Specialist Side Saddle Instruction. British Dressage list...

    Location: Wales - Worcestershire - Warwickshire - Herefordshire - Gloucestershire

    Tel: 07766 853668

  • Anita Shelton - BHSAI, INT.T,INT.SM

    I have over thirty five years experience as a freelance trainer in all disciplines including side saddle and as a British Dressage trainer and group three dressage rider. I offer specialist coaching in dressage from grass ...

    Location: Cambridgeshire - North Lincs - South Lincs - Leicestershire - Northamptonshire

    Tel: 01778 343755 / 07746 153470

  • Charlotte Ridley - BHSII, HT

    I am a registered BHSII instructor and recognised Horse Trials specialist who has ridden at the highest International level. Since taking a step back from my riding I have focused on my teaching. I teach riders from all levels with fabulous fa...

    Location: Northumberland - Cumbria - Durham - Cleveland - Yorkshire

    Tel: 01434 230394

  • Harry Payne - BHSPTC, SM, UKCC Level 3 Specific (Dressage)

    Specialist dressage coach. Experienced at all levels. Available for clinics/camps. Eventers welcomed.

    Location: Northamptonshire - Warwickshire - Leicestershire - Cambridgeshire - Buckinghamshire

    Tel: 07771 691071

  • Nina Boex - BHSAI, INT.SM, UKCC L2

    Nina, Boex, BHSAI, UKCC

    Location: Wales

    Tel: 07966 032090

  • Nerys Leer - BHS Stage 4 Senior Coach in Complete Horsemanship, Stage 5 Stable Manager

    Specialist in classical dressage, over 35 years experience. Trained by some of the best in Europe. I train from novice level to advanced. Ridden and competed to G.P level. Own yard is based in South Norfolk but also freelance throughout...

    Location: Norfolk - Suffolk - Cambridgeshire - Essex - South Lincs

    Tel: 0782 2439 4952

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