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Accredited Professional Coaches and Grooms

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  • Andrea Dobson BHSAI UKCC L2

    Experienced instructor happy to teach all ages and abilities, offering a highly personalised approach, flat work and jumping. Competed at medium level British Dressage and Novice Level British Eventing. Registered Pony Club Instructor.

    Location: Dorset - Devon - Somerset

    Tel: 07815 126963 / 01823 433050

  • Caroline Glennie BHSPT UKCC Level 2

    I specialise in teaching younger children, with a healthy manner.

    Location: Dorset - Hampshire

    Tel: 01590 624541 / 07428 632303

  • Clare Highmore BHSPT UKCC L2

    I have many years' experience, specialising in teaching children, novices and jumping. Qualified primary school teacher and Honours Degree in Equine Science.

    Location: Hampshire - Wiltshire - Dorset

    Tel: 07792 163094

  • Deborah Follett BHSI

    I am a Director of Riding in a private boarding school, coaching all levels or equestrianism to young riders working towards BHS and Pony Club exams to competing in NSEA, BD, BE and BS competitions.

    Location: Dorset - Wiltshire - Hampshire - Surrey - West Sussex

    Tel: 01258 456705 / 01258 484565 / 07736 705983

  • Dorothea Heim - International Level 1

    Friendly and encouraging coach for all levels and ages. Helping you to understand anatomy and bio mechanics to achieve softness, balance and harmony, whether for a dressage competition, improve schooling for other disciplines or just to enjoy riding ...

    Location: Devon - Dorset - Somerset - Hampshire - Wiltshire

    Tel: 07535669909

  • Isobel Goodwin BHSAI UKCC L2

    I am a freelance instructor based in Stocklinch, Ilminster. I have facilities available for hire but also available to travel. I regularly compete British Dressage and have trained my young horses up to PSG.

    Location: Devon - Somerset - Dorset

    Tel: 07723 070117

  • Nicola Wynn BHSAI

    Nicola Wynn BHSAI

    Location: Somerset - Devon - Dorset - Cornwall

    Tel: 07740 331099

  • Alice Pearse BHSPT UKCC L2 RDAGC

    Freelance Dressage Coach with a positive and encouraging manner, helping build confidence in your ability and horse. A regular BD competitor and instructing at Wilton RDA. Happy to teach all ages and abilities and those with disability

    Location: Hampshire - Wiltshire - Dorset - West Sussex - Somerset

    Tel: 07592 857493

  • David Hancock BHSII

    I provide a safe, sympathetic approach to coaching of all levels both children and adults.

    Location: Dorset

    Tel: 07521 791732

  • Rachael Smith BHSPT

    I specialise in teaching children, creating a fun and informative lesson. I also enjoy teaching adults and helping you to progress on your journey.

    Location: Hampshire - Dorset

    Tel: 07923 828757

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