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Accredited Professional Coaches and Grooms

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  • Julian Campbell - BHSI, DR

    Competitive coach working with competition and career riders, dressage, jumping, horse trials, candidates working for exams. Competed to Advanced level dressage.

    Location: East Sussex - West Sussex - South Lincs - Cambridgeshire - Norfolk

    Tel: 01945 420895 / 07971 912703

  • Julian Campbell - BHSI, DR

    Competitive coach, multi disciplines, training riders and horses.  Riding, teaching, preparation for exams.  UKCC. Assessor and IQA work based diploma, quality assurance.

    Location: Cambridgeshire - East Sussex - West Sussex - North Lincs - South Lincs - Norfolk

    Tel: 07974 912703

  • Susan Byrne - BHSAI

    Freelance instructor available for private and group flatwork, show jumping and cross country lessons.

    Location: Republic of Ireland

    Tel: 087 2488 430

  • Yvonne Eastmond- BHSAI

    Yvonne Eastmond- BHSAI

    Location: Devon

    Tel: 07709240241

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