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Accredited Professional Coaches and Grooms

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  • Laura Anderson - BHSII

    Freelance instructor with outdoor school based in Fife.

    Location: Fife - Scotland - Lothian - Central

    Tel: 01337 810246 / 07796 338021

  • Emma Binnie - UKCC L2 Generic

    Emma Binnie - UKCC L2 Generic

    Location: Central - Fife

    Tel: 07817 601295 / 01259 781434

  • Heather Carstairs - BHSII, SM, UKCC Level 3 Generic, SSA

    I have forty years experience in generic coaching, with emphasis on dressage. I am a List 4 dressage judge, and I teach side saddle. I am an equine shiatsu therapist and practise Reiki therapy for both horse and rider. Stable Manager. Sid...

    Location: Central

    Tel: 01764 682207 / 07977 422101

  • Rebecca Chalmers - BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship, Stage 4 Teach

    30 year's professional experience teaching, training, competing and running my own business.

    Location: Tayside - Central - Scotland

    Tel: 07884 060648

  • Joyce Clark - BHSII

    Joyce Clark - BHSII

    Location: Central

    Tel: 07895 388877

  • Mags Coward

    Focusing on independence and building confidence. I strive to promote fun in all equestrian activities. I am an ex Pony Clubber and primary teacher who teaches all ages and abilities in all disciplines. I always strive to provide an entertaining and ...

    Location: Fife - Tayside - Strathclyde - Lothian - Central

    Tel: 07725 119299

  • Christina Davidson - BHSAI

    Coach in all disciplines, from beginners upwards, children and adults. Specific competition experience in dressage, showing and BS. Positive and sympathetic approach for nervous riders.

    Location: Central - Tayside - Fife

    Tel: 07704 878339

  • Roberta Dixon - BHSII

    Freelance instructor willing to teach individuals or groups in Fife area.

    Location: Fife - Central

    Tel: 07855 180226

  • Rachel Emma Flynn - UKCC Level 2

    Competitively priced lessons in flatwork and jumping tailored to suit the individuals goals, whether that be improving skills to go out hacking or training for a first competition. Schooling sessions and grooms services also available. Please ring fo...

    Location: Central - Scotland

    Tel: 07780717371

  • Jane Gilchrist - BHS Stage 4 Senior Coach in Complete Horsemanship, UKCC Level 3 Generic

    UKCC Level 3

    Location: Tayside - Scotland - Fife - Central

    Tel: 01821 670218

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