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BHS Stage 2 Care, Lunge and Ride Refresher Course

2 Feb 2018 18:30 - 23 Feb 2018 18:30


This course is ideal for candidates who are preparing to take their BHS Stage 2 Care, Lunge and Ride assessment. The sessions will cover the learning outcomes which make up the Care, Lunge and Ride elements of the Stage 2 assessment. Candidates will receive practical sessions mixed with lectures that will cover the Care section, and also receive flat and jump lessons on our Stage 2 Ride horses. There will also be chance to improve your lungeing skills through practical experience with our Stage 2 Lunge horses.

To go alongside the sessions, candidates will also receive revision notes and assessment tips so you will feel confident and ready to take your assessment.

This course is subject to availability and we recommend you book your place soon to avoid disappointment!

Cost: €260 for four evenings or €75 per evening.



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