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Summer Indoor Dressage

13 Aug 2016


Commencing at 2:30pm

Class 1: BD Intro B - 2009

Class 2: BD Intro C - 2016

Competitors entering class one or two are not permitted to enter a canter class

Class 3: BD Prelim 2 - 2016

Class 4: BD Prelim 13 - 2006

Entry fee £12 per class - No entries will be accepted without the correct fee

Trailers must enter Acrecliffe from the right hand side drive. Entries must be submitted one week before the competition date. Additional rosettes for juniors.

Copies of all tests can be purchased from British Dressage

Competitions held under BD rules.

Horse Hire £17 – rider must be capable of preparing horse without assistance and attended a training session

In the event of bad weather contact Fiona on 07855 307291

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