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Continual Professional Development Day - Lungeing and Long Reining

8 May 2017

Presented by Becky Johnson, BHSI and UKCC Level 4, this course is aimed at people who are working for Stages Exams and Teaching Tests and for coaches who prepare candidates.

Although the course does have a focus towards examinations, delegates will also be able to develop their knowledge relating to lungeing riders and horses. The aims of the day are to:

  • Discuss the procedure for lungeing in an examination, Stage 2, Stage, 2, PTT &ITT and beyond
  • Debate the reasons for lungeing horses and riders
  • Evaluate the effect lungeing has on riders
  • Consider the reasons for long reining and the procedure for long reining the horse for improvement
  • Evaluate the use of equipment and training aids when lungeing and long reining
  • Consider and evaluate the benefits of lungeing over poles and fences

The day will count as a CPD refresher for Accredited Professional Coaches.

£30 - APCs
£35 - Others

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