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Horse Health Course

15 May 2016


This course covers the elements of care required to keep a horse healthy.  The course explains this care by considering the group of professionals required to deliver this care or offer advice as a ‘Pit team’.

This course would be useful for all horse owners and carers and those considering buying horses.  The content will also support students working towards the BHS/EQL qualifications.

The syllabus will include the following:-


  • Vets
    • Vaccinations
    • Worming
  • Saddlers
  • Physiotherapists


  • Nutritionalist
    • Nutrients required for a healthy diet
    • Body Condition Scoring
  • Farrier
    • Part of the foot
    • Good and bad hoof care
    • Navicular
  • Equine Dentist
    • Routine dentistry
    • Types of teeth
    • Dental problems

Course fee is £30.00.  Tea, coffee and cake will be provided throughout the day.

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