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Achievers Club Camps

4 Sept 2016 - 6 Sept 2016


The Achievers Club was set up to help people to get out and have a bit of fun with their horses, regardless of their experience or level of confidence. The name arose because Sue Lee always says that 'achievement' is different for everybody, for instance even jumping a tiny crosspole is an achievement if you or your horse has lost confidence or perhaps never done it before. 

The groups are not suitable for highly competitive riders but ideal for anyone who's novice; nervous; just getting back into things after a break; or after a loss of confidence; or has a horse with any of the above. 

It is specifically for adults.

The first Camp will take place from  is on 04 to 06 September at Berriewood Farm.  This Camp will be mainly flatwork working on improvement of the horse and rider, with a mini dressage competition on the last morning. 

For variety, Sue will also include a couple of alternative sessions, such as polework and a 'treasure hunt' type activity on the last afternoon!

Cost: £159 for three days.

To book your place, please contact Sue Lee.

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