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BHS Stage Three Training Course at Triley Fields Equestrian Centre

23 June 2015 - 4 Aug 2015


This qualification will allow you to hone the skills you will have practised in Stages 1 and 2 and will provide you with the competencies and ability to look after up to four horses in stables and at grass in an unsupervised environment, ensuring that horses, stables, yard and fields are safe and in good order. You will be able to ride a variety of horses in a variety of circumstances. You will be able to begin to school horses and ride according to the horse’s needs. Riding tactfully and effectively, you will understand the reasons for your actions both in horse care and while riding.

You must be at least 17 years old and have completed BHS Stage 1 and 2 to take this exam.

On successful completion of the Stage 3 Horse Knowledge, Care and/ or Riding Certificate you will be able to progress to Stage 4 Horse Knowledge, Care and/or Riding. The Stage 3 Care Certificate is also recognised as a qualification in its own right and is a technical certificate for the Advanced Equine Apprenticeship. The HK & R Stage 3 is a component part of the BHS Assistant Instructor Certificate.

The course runs for three hours which includes, one hour of riding, (alternating each week between, flat, show jumping and cross country) an hour of practical and an hour of theory work in the class room.

Please note, this course runs for approximately six weeks. This is dependant on individual candidates ability. To take your Stage 3 exam you must have previously passed your Stage 2.

If you are interested in enrolling for this course please book a half hour assessment lesson.

Cost: £30 per session.

Time: 11am - 1pm.

The course runs on Tuesday mornings.

For more details, please visit the BHS Horse Knowledge Care and Riding Stage 3 page

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