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Stage Two Training Course

8 Mar 2016 - 19 Apr 2016


Who is this qualification for, and what is needed to enter it?

The BHS Stage Two is suitable for those aged 16 years and over. To enter the exam you will need to have passed your BHS Stage One and BHS Riding and Road Safety Test (if taking the Riding section).

The Horse Knowledge and Care section builds on the knowledge acquired at Stage One as well as including skills and knowledge required for the work environment. This includes: plaiting, trimming, clipping, wound care, worming, grassland management, fittening and lungeing. The riding is split into two sections; flat and jumping (2’6ft/76cm).

Why should you do the BHS Stage Two?

If you are considering buying a horse, or already own a horse, the care section of this qualification will provide you with vital information to keep your horse healthy.  It is also the second step onto the professional ladder of qualifications.  Many employers will look for this qualification for entry level staff.

The six week training course commences on Tuesday 8 March and includes one hour Stable Managment and one hour riding every Tuesday. Flat, Jumping, Lungeing and Stable Managment will be covered during the course.

Time: 6pm - 8pm.

Cost: £250 payable in advance for the whole course.

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