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Stage 1 Knowledge and Care course at Checkendon - Week 8

22 Apr 2014 19:00 - 20:00


Checkendon Equestrian Centre is running a 10 week course to prepare students for their EQL Level 1 Certificate in BHS Knowledge and Care:

Unit 1: Brushing off horses, including putting on and taking off equipment
Unit 2: Horse husbandry, identification and handling
Unit 3: The principles of caring for horses

There is an expectation that students will do extra study in their own time to ensure they reach the appropriate standard for the exam. It is the responsibility of the candidate to register with the BHS for the exam.

Students can choose to attend individual weeks or the entire course. Weeks 1-9 cost £25 each, week 10 (mock exam) will cost £40. Weeks 1-10 will cost £250 if paid for as a block in advance (non-refundable).

This date is Week 8. Weeks 8 and 9 cover Feeding and Watering from Units 2 and 3:

To include:

  • Rules of feeding and watering
  • Know and recognise various types of fodder
  • Know how to recognise good and bad quality feedstuffs
  • Recognise hay/haylages and their uses
  • Fill and hang a haynet
  • Discuss suitable diets for horses and ponies, both stabled or at grass in light work
  • Feeding and watering methods both in the stable and field

To book a place, please contact Checkendon directly (details on the right). Checkendon are running a Stage 1 Riding course on the same dates, from 6-7pm - see the separate listing for more details.

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