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Charles de Kunffy Training Clinic and Seminar

7 Sept 2015 - 9 Sept 2015


Charles de Kunffy is a much-appreciated clinician, sought after dressage judge, author of several books, many articles, and introductions to the writing of others. He was born and raised in Hungary as a member of the nobility whose parents were eminent horse breeders with derby winning racehorses. Charles de Kunffy’s expertise and his ability to inspire and instruct his students, earned him great popularity and respect. He is welcomed in Europe, Africa, Australia, Canada and the United States by enthusiastic and appreciative audiences. He has conducted many courses, seminars and forums for instructors and judges. His work is appreciated for its scholastic depth, academic expertise, and the clarity and vigour of its delivery.

Don't miss this opportunity to see Charles de Kunffy at the Dovecote Stables this September.

Charles will be presenting the following discussion mornings:

  • Monday 7 September: The training needs of horses and the rider's learning process.
  • Tuesday 8 September: The definitions of 'on the aids', contact, impulsion and engagement.
  • Wednesday 9 September: The daily vocabulary of training; the roles of aids and patterns.

The discussion mornings will then be followed by lessons in the afternoon. There is a great selection of riders from novice to advanced level.


Morning: 9am - 12pm.

Afternoon: 1pm - 4pm.

For more information or to book tickets, please contact Equinethos directly.


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