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BHS Stage 2 Training Horse Knowledge and Care Units Only with Jennie Candy

7 Sept 2016 - 8 Nov 2016


Who is this qualification for, and what is needed to enter it?

The Horse Knowledge and Care section builds on the knowledge acquired at Stage One as well as including skills and knowledge required for the work environment. This includes: plaiting, trimming, clipping, wound care, worming, grassland management, fittening and lungeing. If you are considering buying a horse, or already own a horse, the care section of this qualification will provide you with vital information to keep your horse healthy.

This course will cover the following units of the Stage 2 exam:

  • Unit 1a - Groom and Plait Horses and Fit Equipment
  • Unit 1b - Fit, remove and maintain tack for exercise
  • Unit 2a - The Pinrciples of Horse Health and Anatomy
  • Unit 2b - The Principles of Shoeing, Clipping and Trimming Horses
  • Unit 3a - The Principles of Watering, Feeding and Fittening Horses
  • Unit 3b - The Principles of Stabling and Grassland Care for Horses
  • Unit 4 - Lunge a horse under supervision

There is NO RIDING ELEMENT as part of this training course.
The course will run every Wednesday lunchtime for seven weeks (starting Wednesday 7 September), and is aimed at candidates wishing to sit their BHS Stage 2 exam at Wellington Riding Centre on Tuesday 8 November. Of course however you can take the exam at any centre and at any time.
The course is planned to be very sociable and relaxed. Tea, coffee and cakes/biscuits will be provided and any theory parts to the session will take place in the WARMTH of a lovely heated kitchen at the yard.
There is the option of paying an additional £20 to do a revision/refersher session on Monday 7 November at 11am as preparation for the exam day.
Price: £140 for the seven week course.

Time: 12 - 1.30pm.

For more details, please contact Jennie Candy.

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