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BHS Stage 2 Training

14 Feb 2016


This qualification will provide you with competencies to apply general principles for the management of horses’ health and well being. Working under regular but not constant supervision, you will be able to care for stabled and grass-kept horses during all seasons of the year. You will be able to ride an experienced horse or pony in the open as well as in a manège or indoor school.

When you achieve the Stage 2 Horse Knowledge, Care and/or Riding Certificate you will be able to progress to BHS Stage 3 Certificate in Horse Knowledge, Care and/or Riding. The Stage 2 Care Certificate is also recognised as a qualification in its own right and is a technical certificate for the Equine Apprenticeship. The Horse Knowledge and Riding Stage 2 is a prerequisite for the BHS Preliminary Teaching Test and is a component part of the BHS Assistant Instructor Certificate.


1pm Practical

2pm Flat Work

3pm Jumping

4pm Lungeing

Cost: £30 for one hour or £110 for the day.

The exam will take place on 1 March 2016.

To book your place, please contact Wellington Riding.

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