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BHS Stage 1 Training Course

14 Feb 2017 - 21 Mar 2017


Who is this qualification for?

The BHS Stage One is suitable for anyone aged 14 years and over who cares for and/or rides horses regularly.  It is designed to give you a good foundation of equine knowledge and a solid base on which to build your riding skills. 

Why should you do the BHS Stage 1?

Working towards and completing a qualification is a great way to learn new skills and increase your motivation and self-confidence.  The skills and knowledge you acquire whilst working towards this qualification will contribute to the increased safety for yourself and horses. The Stage One is also the first rung on the professional ladder of BHS qualifications, and is itself a recognised qualification.

What will a person with their BHS Stage One be able to do in a professional environment?

A person with their BHS Stage One will be able to work under supervision, and have the basic knowledge and skills to look after a well-mannered horse in the stable and at grass. They will be capable of riding an experienced horse or pony in an enclosed space.

How do you train for the BHS Stage One?

The best way to train is through a BHS Approved Training Centre or with a BHS Registered Instructors. Often there are courses set up specifically designed to prepare you for the exam, but if not, centres and instructors will be able to cater training for your individual needs. This course is suitable for people studying for BHS Stage One, BHS Progressive Riding Test, BHS Essential Horse Knowledge and Care Certificate and anyone interested in the care and welfare of horses.

Sessions: Six sessions

Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm.

Cost: £250 per person.


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