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BHS Riding and Road Safety Course

5 Mar 2016 - 9 Oct 2016


Although the training course is not obligatory it is highly recommended.

The course will run as follows:

  •     Session 1:    Theory (please come prepared to take notes).
  •     Session 2:    Practical (please dress to ride).
  •     Session 3:    Practical and Theory.
  •     Session 4:    Real Road and Revision of all sections.

Training and Test Dates:

  • Session 1/2 Theory and Ridden:  9am-1pm on 5 March, 23 April, 11 June, 6 August and 24 September.
  • Session 3 Ridden: 10am-12pm on 12 March, 30 April, 18 June, 13 August and 1 October.
  • Session 4 Ridden: 10am-12pm on 19 March, 7 May, 25 June, 20 August and 8 October.
  • Test: 10am on 20 March, 8 May, 26 June, 21 August and 9 October.

It is also highly recommended that you read both the latest copy of the Highway Code and The British Horse Society booklet 'Riding and Roadcraft' before taking the test. If you have already taken the exam and failed it is recommended that you attend the last training session as a refresher/practice session before the exam.

Cost of Training:

  •     Full training course and test day £100
  •     Final training session (session 4) £40
  •     Test day only £40

Payment for training is due in full prior to the first training session. Please note that application for the test should be made directly to the BHS Education Team. If you have any further questions regarding the exam or training please do not hesitate to contact Linda Tarrant at Checkendon Equestrian Centre.

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