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Anne Marie Taylor FBHS - Dressage and SJ Clinic

9 Feb 2013


Anne Marie’s aim is to build confidence both in the dressage arena and over show jumps.  Aimed at eventers but very useful for all, this is a very good clinic whatever level you are:
Dressage – Anne-Marie will work on improving your position & effectiveness of your aids, therefore the horse’s way of going. A chance to work on the surface you compete on in a dressage arena. Specific exercises given to improve horse that you can work on at home, as well as test riding.

Show jumping – you will have the chance to jump around a course of your height, in a ring on grass. Anne-Marie works on improving horse & rider confidence, through making sure the basics are in place.

Sessions will be suitable for all standards; riders will be placed in pairs according to their current level.

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