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Manydown Country Park Equestrian Access Evening

13 Nov 2018


Horse riders, carriage drivers – are you concerned about access to the new Manydown Country Park?

Then please come and join us on Tuesday 13 November.There will be updates on the current situation by the Project Team and by HCC Countryside Services. The floor will then be open for your questions and comments. The main concern is to ensure that connectivity to the safe public rights of way network is maintained as a minimum and enhanced where possible. The hope is for all new paths / cycleways in the Park to be multi-user routes to include equestrians.

Where possible existing footpaths should be upgraded to bridleways which can then be used by cyclists and horse riders. Your support is needed if we are to have a voice in the new development and maintain safe access to the countryside. So please come along on the 13 November.

Time: 7pm.

Supported by the British Horse Society.

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