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Developing the Coach as a Psychologist CPD Day

9 Aug 2018

Developing the Coach as a Psychologist - Continual Professional Development with Charlie Unwin of Performance Legacy.

Charlie Unwin is a former front-line soldier in Iraq, elite athlete and mental coach to Olympic, World and European Champions in various sports. Charlie brings a unique and valuable perspective to how individuals and teams perform in different sporting spheres, as well as commercially with global businesses. As a performance psychologist Charlie has built a reputation for his specialist experience in helping equestrians accelerate their potential, perform consistently in competition and thrive under pressure. Charlie has worked together with Grand Prix dressage riders as well as Olympic eventers and show-jumpers. Passionate about developing the mental attributes to match early talent, Charlie also works closely with the Great Britain Young Rider and Junior teams.

Coaches play a pivotal role in identifying and enhancing the talents of a rider. No successful athlete has ever achieved their potential without the skill of a great coach or mentor.

This one-day workshop combines cutting edge research with practical application in order to enhance the impact coaches can have with their riders. We will be focusing on how coaches can help develop the psychological attributes that contribute to enhanced performance in competition, including insights into:

  • Understanding and adapting to the psychological needs of a rider
  • Applying the principles of Accelerated Learning into day-to-day practice
  • Developing the riders mindset for performance and competition
  • Developing the rider’s ability to successfully transfer training into competition
  • Help riders deal effectively with nerves and thrive in competition
  • Work effectively with parents, owners and other influencers

Time: 9.30am - 3.30pm. The morning session will be classroom based and there will be a practical in the arena during the afternoon.

Timetable (subject to change): 
 Classroom workshop
 Coffee break
 Classroom workshop
 Classroom with 2 riders prior to practical session
 Practical session in the school with Q and A
 Close and depart.

Refreshments and Lunch: Tea/Coffee and biscuits will be provided all day, but lunch is not provided so please bring something with you.

This CPD day counts as an update for the APC. Please sign the attendance form before departure. On the day, please contact Hannah Marsh.

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