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BHS Isle of Wight Tack Sale

23 Oct 2015


BHS Isle of Wight are holding a table top tack sale at Arreton Community Hall.

Do you have a tack room full of rugs that don't fit your horse or saddles you used on long-since sold ponies? How about that pair of long boots you bought as a bargain that didn't fit and have been languishing at the back of the wardrobe unworn ever since? Why not take a table at a tack sale? You can make some money, have a good clear out and help fundraise for the BHS at the same time!

Come for a rummage and grab yourself a bargain! Why not take the opportunity to clear out your tack room, book a table and sell your unwanted horsey items - cash in your pocket is better than clutter gathering dust! 

For more details, please contact Hannah Marsh, BHS South Development Officer.

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