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Online Dressage Competition

24 July 2017


Ride and record. Open to everyone. Compete from the comfort of home.

Record your test at home, send your entry and submit your test. All entries will be judged and marked by a BD listed judge. Test sheets will be returned via email, originals by post on request.

Rosettes to 6th place (subject to entries). Prizes for first place in each class kindly donated by TOTTIE.

Entries must be submitted and paid for in full before each of the closing dates. Recorded tests may only be used once and must not have been judged before.

 Date  Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4
   Restricted* Open Open Open
24 July Intro B (2009) Intro C (2016) Prelim 2 (2016) Prelim 18 (2002) or
Novice 30 (2006)
18 September Intro C (2016) Intro A (2008) Prelim 7 (2002) Prelim 12 (2005) or
Novice 34 (2009)

October 2017 - Championship - to qualify for the Championship score two tests at 64% or over. Generous prizes kindly donated by TOTTIE.

* Restricted classes for those never placed 1-6 in any dressage competition.

All tests may be called

£6 per class

Previously judged tests must not be used.


1. Email your name, your horses name and which class you are entering to

2. Forward a cheque payable to 'BHS SOMERSET' to 20 High Street, Stoke-sub-hamdon, Somerset TA14 6PS or

3. By bank transfer to BHS SOMERSET (40-44-04) 31377159
**You MUST use the following reference - your surname followed by EDRES. For example (SMITHEDRES)**



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