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Pole Work Training with Sophie Dickinson BHSII Registered

3 Dec 2016

Sophie is a highly qualified, experienced and popular trainer with a vast equestrian knowledge, which has come through riding and training thousands of horses and ponies.

As a trainer Sophie has a friendly, approachable manner. She regularly trains a wide variety of horses and riders in many disciplines. She is also a BD List 2 judge.

This afternoon training session will use poles to encourage the horse to move in a more supple and athletic way.  It is open to all ages and ability of rider. Each session is an hour. It is an ideal opportunity to get your horse more confident working with others at competition venues.

There will be a maximum of four riders per group split into ability, so if you just want to walk and trot or you compete at advanced level there will be a session for you.

It all takes place in a great indoor arena at Half Moon Stud, which has a good surface, is well lit and has mirrors on the longsides.

Cost: £20 per person per hour.

For more information visit Sophie's website.

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