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Funtastic Fridays with Andree Lucy BHSII Registered

24 June 2016

Andree is running three Friday funtastic evenings in June, July and August to bring out the best in your jumping or flatwork.  Each date will have either a flatwork or jumping session to choose from. Each session will be progressive and start with the very basics on jumping and working towards more technical fences.

The flatwork lessons may use some equipment on the floor to help towards the improvement and co-ordination and gymnastic ability on your horse.

Week one Friday June 24 : Rhythm, balance and suppleness - flatwork and Back to Basics Jumping starting with poles and then small fences where you can learn control of line and speed.

Week two Friday 22 July : Flatwork, Achieving Control of Pace and Speed, including accuracy of transitions and achieveing connection, working pace within a pace and creating and mantaining controlled energy. Moving forwards, the jump, class which includes linking small fences together with doubles and related distances.

Week three Friday 26 August : Flawork, Straightness and Impulsion. Jumping Getting more Technical, the jump class with off set doubles, bounce fences, skinnies and corners.

Flatwork class starts at 6pm to 7pm and Jumping starts 7pm to 8pm

Cost: £25.00 per person

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