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Indoor Dressage Training

7 Sept 2015

An ideal opportunity to improve your flatwork/dressage. Obtain valuable feedback to improve your horse's way of going and dressage marks with Andree Lucy BHSII.

A confidence building session, ideal to get young and inexperienced horses out at a competition venue.  Perfect for riders who are just starting out in dressage and may not even have competed.  Sound basics and correct way of going based on the scales of training.


Horses and riders with a little more experience and wanting to improve.  Help to understand the difference between these two levels.  Schooling exercises from both levels. Riding variation between the paces. Also, for more established horses and riders or those just curious to know what is required.  Fun exercises including counter canter and leg yield.  More development of the paces.

One-hour group session - maximum of four riders

Time: 5pm-8pm

Coach:  Andree Lucy BHSII (Registered) UKCC Level 3

Booking confirmed on receipt of payment - £20 per rider - payable in advance (includes school hire).


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