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Horse Simulator Training

7 Nov 2015


BHS Somerset are running another of their popular training days using a horse simulator with Felicity Mann BHSI (Reg.)

Felicity's horse simulator is the latest model from Racewood. It is life sized and like a real horse takes every different type of saddle; GP, Dressage, etc. It has six paces and it is sensitive to leg, hand and seat pressure. Should it be required, it is capable of replicating complicated dressage movements. The simulator is surrounded by mirrors.

Riding Simulators
A Unique Combination
The 'mechanical horse' has become an invaluable part of Felicity's teaching. Without the complications of teaching with a live animal, Felicity helps riders make small adjustments necessary to create a balanced and more effective riding position.

Felicity's BHSI qualification, combined with her Alexander Technique qualification, partnered with being able to teach on the horse simulator makes Felicity unique amongst riding instructors. You will learn in a sympathetic way to be more balanced and supple and your horse will thank you for it.

Ride and Perfect with the Interactive Computer
The horse simulator can be used with an interactive computer screen that enables the jockey to actually ride a dressage test. Alternatively, you can practise riding school figures, transitions and dressage movements. Much can be learned from recording the performance and replaying it immediately on screen.

Riding Simulator Interactive Computer Screen
How does it help?
Where a real horse may become tired and unstimulated, this horse performs to order. 'Unlearning' a 'wrong' posture can be difficult. The mechanical horse gives the rider a chance to practise a different balance taking this feel to the real horse.

Felicity finds the simulator excellent for assessing/improving technique in experienced riders, both for jumping and flatwork. It also helps build confidence in nervous or 'returning' riders, as it removes the unpredictability of riding a living animal.

Cost: £35 per person. Open to BHS members only.

Advance booking is required and places are limited so please book early.

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