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Somerset Trailer Towing and Reversing

29 Aug 2015 13:30 - 16:00


Take the stress out of towing.  Get to grips with towing safely and maneuvering your trailer with ease and confidence.

This training is with Steve Jaggs who will give you instruction, training and practice.  Steve will guide you through the pre-tow safety checks, help assist and instruct you on how to get the best out of your driving skills including using reversing mirrors correctly. There will be ample space to practice.

If you are bringing your own vehicle and trailer to the event the driver must hold the appropriate license.  You are also welcome if you would like to practice towing prior to having taken the category B+E test. 

Time: 1.30pm for 2.5 hours. If we have sufficient numbers we may also hold a morning session.

Cost: £25 per person. Limited spaces

Booking:  Contact Charlie Usher on 07941 453499

Poster:  Please help us to promote this event by downloading a poster and displaying this for us at your livery yard, tack shop, feed merchant etc.


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