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Kent Committees Explaining Training

7 June 2019

Explaining Training with Andrew Murphy BHS Stage 4 Coach in Complete Horsemanship – Classical Dressage Trainer

Having gained his BHSII qualification Andrew Murphy trained at the TTT (Training the Teachers of Tomorrow Trust) riding for Charles de Kunffy, Arthur Kottas and Steven Clarke and soon became a Senior Instructor at the TTT, and now teaches alongside Charles at the Dovecote Stables, Oxfordshire.  Andrew competed and won at every level of affiliated competition, including Grand Prix.  He now teaches internationally, including one Olympics and two World Equestrian Games, training all different types of horses, from Fjord Horses to Iberians, Warmbloods to Thoroughbreds. 

Andrew’s teaching is not just based on what he has learned from the masters he has trained with; he has also developed his own philosophy and approach to teaching as well as training horses. Through his vast experience training different types of horses he is able to quickly identify what will work and why, and then translate it into a language that any rider can clearly understand. His versatility, combined with his knowledge of the learning process, both equine and human, set him apart from the rest. 

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