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Equine Obesity talk

24 Sept 2015

Equine obesity is an increasingly serious and increasingly prevalent cause of morbidity and mortality in horses in the developed world and Scotland is no different. Domestication of the horse has brought significant benefits to the horse but our wish to care for them in a modern way has resulted in overweight, under exercised and diseased animals. In a way the penalty the horse pays for domestication is disease! A high proportion of horses with metabolic syndrome (equivalent to Type II diabetes in people) get serious and frequently life threatening laminitis amongst other things and we have responsibility to prevent these from occurring. Once we understand the reasons for the conditions we can address them and restore the horse population to an economically and socially beneficial part of our society. It has been said that more man-hours are spent exercising and working with horses than are spent on football and the horse needs us now to take action to prevent it being abused! The talk to be presented at The Salmon Room Buccleuch Arms St.Boswells on September 24 by the Chairman of BHS Scotland Professor Derek Knottenbelt of Glasgow University will describe the syndrome of Equine Metabolic Syndrome and suggest ways in which it can be prevented and managed. Anyone who cares about horses is welcome to join us.

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